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Guiding Principle

The goal of childhood education is to activate the child's own natural desire to learn; while recognizing that all children's learning styles and paces differ, so each child will need to be supported in a unique way. By fostering their gifts and keeping them engaged they will all become successful as their thirst for knowledge grows.


Our classroom is all set up and we are accepting new students! We are excited to welcome a new friend to our class this week. At this point we have room for three more students between the age of 5 and 10.

This month the children decided to learn about weather! What a perfect subject to look at as our days get longer and a whole lot wetter! Our first project will be a home made barometer.

I have been getting many questions around protocols. I do not, nor do I require my students to wear masks. We practice normal proper hygiene and I ask that if children are not feeling well that they stay home. I do not ask for nor require any type of vaccinations or records of. Because of this I am not certified as both those things are required in certified schools.

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I am still currently writing our handbook. Sorry for any inconvenience and please reach out if you have any questions.



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First Felid Trip of the Year!

We went to Boulevard Park. The kids all got really creative and made fishing poles to catch fish from the pirate ship. They used all found materials: sticks for poles, pine cones for the hook and bait, and long reeds for the fishing line! We were having so much fun making them, that even other children from the park joined in on the activity.

The next day the kids noticed that the reeds had dried out and were now very brittle. They altered their design a bit and found some ribbons to replace the reeds. 

While our main theme was outer space this month, we also spent some time working on the parts of an apple. We took the opportunity to go to Bellwood Acers Farm to do a little apple picking! 

Back in the classroom our kitchen chemistry for the week was to make applesauce and apple butter. This went quite well with our Mabon cookies that we made to celebrate the beginning of fall.


Meet our classroom mascot!

This is Curtis. He is our sweet rat terroir that mostly sleeps but can be a good friend for students when they need someone to ready to or need support when they are feeling overwhelmed or just need a little break.

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