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We want this space to be helpful to families regardless of the situation you find yourselves in so we have three different options to joining us.


Parent & Student collaboration

Come drop in to our classroom and use our materials and space to work as a family on your individual projects, or join us with various science experiments, special classes and field trips.

$8 for the first 2hrs

$20 for the whole day



Drop in classes can be for a few hours or the whole day. Each day will start with community circle time, followed by individual school work followed by outdoor adventures after lunch. (The exception being field trip days)

$15 for the first 2 hrs.

$35 for the whole day


Daily Adventurer

For those parents who are working or going to school and can't stay home to homeschool their kids, but desire this style of schooling; You can drop off your kids at 8:30. Kids will have the benefits of daily routines and getting to help direct and influence what we learn about each week.

$25 per day

We can only hold up to 12 people total in our classroom at any one time. Feel free to give a call to check on open space.

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